My Catch Of The Day - Bass/Grouper Plans

$ 2.35

For many fisherman, this is their catch of the day.  With these plans, you can hang your catch of the day or your limit on the wall. You can choose patterns for a Salmon, Bass or Pike.  You then choose the beverage of your choice and the saying that you want.  Catch Of The Day!  Chris's Limit!  Dennis Limited Out!  I Caught My Limit!  Darryl Killed Um!  Frank Limited Out!  True Northern Limit!   Put on any creative saying you want.  You can even stain them or even paint them in their natural colors or wild colors.  It is up to you and your imagination.

All of your friends will smile, laugh and comment on them.  The will look great in your Trophy Room, Family Room, Office, Den, Shop or Man Cave.  These can be built with a few simple tools.

They are very cool !!!!