The Great Alaskan Top Bar Beehive Plans

$ 15.00

These are plans you can download for building an unbelievably nice Top Bar Beehive. This is a hive that is easy to remove from its stand and has an access window for watching them work.  That's right, you can open the window access without disturbing them.  You will not get just honey, you will have the actual honey combs.   It will hold up to 30 combs.  This hive has a very strong stand and it is removable.  This makes it easy to move for storage or wintering over your bees.

These hives are VERY COOL !!!  They are also very good looking.  You too can have fresh honey and lots of it.  You can make these in a single weekend and you will be proud of what have built.

---- WARNING ---- When others see them, they will want you to build more for them !!!!